The C&W Hog Trap has proven to be very effective in the trapping and removal of feral hogs. Picks up 36 inches off the ground, allowing entrance from all directions.
This Hog Trapping Gate allows you to build traps of any size. Incorporate into existing feeder pens to trap and remove hogs from your property. The hog gate is a freestanding frame that contains 3 individual root type doors. It does not require trip wires or latches so it is always set and always trapping. 48 in. x 36 in. x 48 in. 80 lb. Non-lethal Aug 30, 2019 · Corral traps are a popular and effective method of controlling feral hogs. They are capable of catching entire sounders (groups of hogs) in one capture. Most corral traps are made of 20- by 5-ft utility panels with 4- by 4-inch square mesh and steel T-posts. The feral hog is a prolific species. Hunting and trapping is necessary to slow the growth of this destructive, non-native animal. Agricultural damage from wild hogs in the US alone numbers is the hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
Texas Hog Traps builds modular corral traps and box traps for wild pigs. We also build cellular controlled hog traps so you can trap hogs from your couch.
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Trapping is the most cost-effective and efficient control method for removing large numbers of feral hogs, but only when performed correctly. An efficient trapping program captures the entire sounder at one time. If not, the remaining hogs will become trap resistant, breed and replenish the population.

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The user determines the perfect time to deploy the trap. Using your smartphone or computer the user deploys the trap with the touch of a button allowing for the maximum number of hogs to be trapped, preventing the trapping of unwanted animals and tending to trapped hogs when convenient.
The C&W Hog Trap has proven to be very effective in the trapping and removal of feral hogs. Picks up 36 inches off the ground, allowing entrance from all directions.
trapping initially had been implemented with a strategy in mind. This publication describes an inexpen­ sive, do­it­yourself. adaptive feral hog­ trapping strategy. using specific materi­ als and procedures to successfully capture feral hogs. Directions for constructing a corral pen and a guillotine­style gate
Our wild hog trap is 93″ X 93″ in diameter across center 48″ tall. Cattle panel is welded to inside and outside. The trap weight is 280 pounds. It has a drop down door with a double locking device. It has 4 tie down stakes, with an escape hole in top to let turkeys and black bear out.
Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack says the feral hog trapping program he green-lighted in January has had what he describes as "great success" with a total of 27 feral hogs ...
The con to using corral traps is the extra time it takes to set them up. Steps To Trapping Wild Hogs. Once you’ve determined you have a problem on your property and you want to go about trapping wild hogs, there are important initial steps you need to take to make sure you are successful in your trapping endeavors.
This is the Hog Cutters customized 5 x 8 trailer used for transporting a complete rigid system from one area to another. The Rigid system is portable to adapt to the changing needs of landowners and trappers as they follow the feeding patterns of feral hogs.
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